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Like modern kindergartens, the day focused on marching and singing, playing cooperatively, and making things out of clay and paper.

Soon after clubs were organised for the older girls, where they could learn cooking, sewing, and other activities. What they wanted was sports and games, but there was no place for them to play.

The women of Hull-House had little idea how to begin to help the community in which they had placed themselves.

Neither Janes rural upbringing nor Ellens schooling in one of Chicagos prosperous neighbourhoods had included instruction on how to serve poor working-class communities.

The first step that Jane and Ellen undertook was to have the house cleaned.

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Soon enough children were coming that something else had to be done.

Fortunately, the neighbourhood, when it was learned that Hull-House could and would meet the communitys needs, was not shy about asking for what it needed.

The first service that Hull-House provided was a daycare center. Not just the able-bodied men, but the women, the teenagers, and even children.

And the stores and homes were full of adults who were dismayed at seeing young boys standing idly around the street corners, which is what they were generally relegated to. Social Housekeeping: The Inspiration of Jane Addams.

Enter Mary Rozet Smith, a friend of Jenny Dows and daughter of a prosperous Chicago merchant.

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