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Starring Elena De Luca, Mistress Tangent, Bella Bathory and Runtime : 26min 12s File Size : 933 MB Resolution : 854x480 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Snow_---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Custom: My young 21 year old neighbor is always hitting on me, Asking to fuck so I finally take him up on the offer, convince him to get a little kinky and let me tie him up.

He is humiliated, degraded, spit on and fucked from every direction by Mistress Bella Bathory, Goddess Tangent and the Brigadier General herself, Elena De Luca.

We take turns fucking his little asshole with our strap-on cocks, stretching and using him.

The two woman admire Mistress Isobel's handiwork on the shaking and cowering slave as they laugh and decide to leave him there, still strung up on the post, wondering when they will finally return to release him, fearing what sadistic acts will come next.

Category: WHIPPING Related Categories: FEMDOM, CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, FEMALE DOMINATION, LATEX, HUMILIATION Keywords: whipping, corporal, latex, female domination, femdom, Isobel Devi, Raven, Isobel, clubdom File Name : Cruel Unusual Fem Dom - Whipping Post for the Young Mistresses Runtime : 7min 28s File Size : 489 MB Resolution : 1920x1080 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A couple of witches, Bella and Freya, are brewing a potion for a spell and require a special ingredient....semen from a pair of swollen, bruised balls!!

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Starring Natalia and Paris Runtime : 5min 8s File Size : 784 MB Resolution : 1920x1080 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Goddess Isobel Devi is teaching Raven and Ricky the ways of Femdom.Oh his ass was so nice and tight until i destroyed it and made it the new home of my dick. They spray perfume on their bodies and permit the slave to inhale the scent directly from them.But to make it interesting they electrocute his cock for as long as he inhales.She has a pathetic slave bound to a table as their practice dummy.Isobel teaches the women how to properly cane the slave's ass and the two women cannot wait to try it themselves. Isobel finally goes full-force on the slave's ass and really gets the other women excited.

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