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Its aim was to raise awareness of domestic abuse in a homosexual relationship.

Whilst Ste and his storylines have received a mixed reaction from critics, Richardson has been nominated for various awards for his portrayal.

As of 2010, Richardson has revealed that he is committed to staying in the serial.

In April 2017, Richardson began taking small breaks from the show due to paternity leave, and made a full-time return on 18 December 2017.

Slanina-Davis raised money from hair cut during the scene in aid the cancer charity CLIC Sargant.

Speaking about 2008 as a whole for Ste and Amy, producer Bryan Kirkwood said he was proud of the way Richardson had portrayed Ste in a sympathetic manner so viewers could understand - but not condone his behaviour.

At the time Richardson released a statement opining domestic violence affects many young people in any form of life.

He stated he could imagine "how frightening it would be to have him as a boyfriend" and condemned his "violence and bullying" because it is always unacceptable." During April 2009, Amy gave birth to Lucas, and subsequently left due to post-natal depression.

The issue of domestic violence has been portrayed through the character on two occasions: the first was his violence towards girlfriend Amy Barnes (Ashley Slanina-Davies), and the second when he suffered abuse from his boyfriend Brendan Brady (Emmett J. Richardson and co-star Slanina-Davies both fronted an anti-domestic abuse campaign called "Expect Respect" for Women's Aid.Ste told Amy's father Mike to look after Lucas and Leah in the aftermath of the baby plot because he didn't think he was a good father.Richardson reported that he enjoyed working with Jude and Jessica Croft-Lane, the young actors who played Lucas and Leah.He thought he and Slanina-Davies delivered brilliant performances portraying the "reality of so many 16-17-year-olds", struggling to make a life for themselves.He felt some of their scenes were "downright shocking".

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