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My secon[Bi Sexual/Gay] By dmooredmoore [An office party leads to MMMF sex.] We were already tipsy when my husband David and I crashed giggling through the front door of Charles and William's Laurel Canyon bungalow. It had been the night of the company Christmas par[GAY] By Irish James Hot [A hot sexual encounter I think occurs nearly every day.] A fair number of years ago, I was about 19 or so.

I had recently finished school and got myself a handy job.

It all started one night while my wife\Mistress and I were having sex. While she raised and lowered her self on my penis, she beat my balls. This night she was telling me My Second Male/Male experience! As we entered the house I saw Mistress standing in the hall with a razor in her hand. I settle for some Kahlua and hard copy of some erotica I'd written (not actual[BISEXUAL] By Otazel [A curious man finally scratches that itch.] Ever since I can remember I had fantasized about touching another man's cock.

It was one week later and Joe met me at work again. I suppose I was bi-curious, mostly straight but with a definite curious streak as to what it would be like to have a cock in my hand, or in my mouth I met him on one of those gay phone sex lines.

Although leaving it late, I was sure I would [BISEXUAL/Glory Hole] By 14bigcock [A visit to the adult bookstore gets cock where he wants it.] I'm a married, closet bisexual.

They had known each other since boyhood and both were currently at the top of their games.

First thing was that my wife denied my sexual advances. [BISEXUAL] By Apple_of_Eden [Straight man learns he loves being a submissive cocksucker.] 'I'm not gay.

I just like cock.' I remember the first time I heard those words come out of my mouth. My first thought was, what the fuck did I just say?

Making money and being young, I of course began heading into town (Dublin) on the weekends for some very There I was - checking into a hotel in Kansas City.

I was there to attend a week long seminar for my office.

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