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Phone Chat Providers Listed below are a selection of members that offer phone-based chat services. Registration is quick, free, simple and provides many tools that allow you to conduct your adult business with ease. If you're interested offering adult phone chat/sex services then register and tick the relevant box.If you are an expat in Bulgaria or just have a holiday home here and would like to chat with your friends, colleagues and neighbours; If you are in love with a Bulgarian and would like to surprise him/her with some romantic phrases in Bulgarian language; If you are engaged to Bulgarian partner and would like to understand what your mother-in-law murmurs; If you would like to acquire a driving licence or apply for Bulgarian citizenship and have to pass the language test; If you are running a business in Bulgaria and don`t want to rely on interpreters anymore; If your kids were born abroad and have no chance to learn and practice their mother tongue; If you are a professional translator, a linguist or just have a passion for foreign languages and would like to go deep into the lingo; If you are planning holidays in Bulgaria and would like to be able to cope with waiters, receptionists and taxi drivers; If you are a missionary, sent by your church on a mission to Bulgaria and you need to preach in Bulgarian language; If you would like to study at Bulgarian university and don`t want to waste a whole academic year in expensive group tuition; If you have fallen in love with our fascinating folk songs and chain dances, amazing nature and world-famous yoghurt, traditional customs and delicious cuisine; If you have been struggling in vain to learn the lingo alone with teach-yourself books and CDs, Byki flashcards and Livemocha language exchange, Then you have finally come across the right place for you.* * * Our qualified and experienced tutors are: Boris Angelov used to be an assistant professor in Bulgarian language and literature at the University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski” (2000-2006). Erna Angelova has a Master’s Degree from the University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski” in Bulgarian philology with a specialization in linguistics. Mastylo Language School does not offer you to study the language with the help of a computer!He is a Ph D candidate in Methodology of Literary Education at the same university. We consider irrelevant the programs and textbooks, offered by many web sites and publishers, trying to convince you of the possibility to learn one of the hardest languages on your own.You can take a look at the charges of our "rivals" in Sofia (17.95 EUR per lesson), Varna (14.53 EUR per lesson) or Blagoevgrad (22 EUR per lesson), and also at the fees for an individual lesson in English as a foreign language in the UK, Europe and the USA. Cancellations made less than 24 hours will be charged 100% of the class rate.It applies to the tutors too, but we "pay" with free classes. It is going to be just like the usual tutoring sessions (if you did that before), except the 2 persons are not in the same room, but connected via Internet, namely by a voice conference application. A lot of school children can cope with that in many places of the world.

You need only a microphone and one of the free programs like Skype or Google Talk.Please take a look at our students` recommendations to see how it works from their point of view.For those, who prefer traditional lessons in a classroom, we provide both intensive and long-term individual practical classes in Bulgarian language for foreigners.For an easier calculation of a fair price, consider the average salary of a teacher in EU or North America, of about 1500 - 2000 €/month, and the average number of working hours per month, about 80 - 100.The average "fair" wages a teacher would get is about 19 - 20 €/hour.

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