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His teacher at that time was the Italian violinmaker, Ami care Coschiera, who had a workshop in Alexandria.

The German researcher, Lütgendorff notes in his authoritative volume, Die Geigen- und Lautenmacher vom Mittelalter bis zu Gegenwart, that Galea made his first violin at the age of 11 and at the age of 15 had completed 15 violins.

Until 1961 Galea repeated invited the young Reddy to work for him, but Reddy always declined. By the late 50s he was firmly established as a violinmaker of high order.

The two men had a serious confrontation in 1950 and their ways parted.

1910 GERMAN Copy of Amati Brothers GERMAN Labelled Josef Klotz c. I learnt the following: Galea was born on 2 October 1909 in Cairo, of Italian parents.

Galea did much of the routine repair work in Bilmark’s studio while pursuing his own violinmaking.

This archive was created as a reference to many of those instruments and their associated photos and information. The top is of medium-grained spruce and is absolutely free from cracks or evident repairs.

Wherever the price of an instrument is not given, it is usually by request of either the buyer or the seller, or out of consideration for insurance companies who may have conditionally insured the instrument and who require that the value not be known. I have sold a large number of instruments and bows which never made it onto this website. The purfling is steady and very well traced throughout.

The instruments and bows below have at some stage been on offer on this site through this dealership. 2015 COLIN Jean-Baptiste, 1896 COLIN Jean-Baptiste, 1905 COLLIN-MZIN Ch. The one-piece back is cut from a truly beautiful piece of maple with a very clear and distinct fine curl.

They have either been sold or have been withdrawn from sale. The letter “T” is varnished on with multicoated varnish (almost resembling a wood inlay) just below the button (see photo) but the significance of this is unknown.

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